Savvy Homes

Savvy Homes is a Top-100 homebuilder, building in 31 communities in North Carolina and nine communities in Alabama. The company cut overall framing times 50% by partnering with a component manufacturer.

  • Employees: 50 (including 13 supers)

  • 2011 Closings : 289

  • 2012 Closings: 365

  • 2011 revenues: $70 million

  • Rank on the Builder 100 list: #88

  • Average house size: 3,000 square feet

  • Average price: $300,000

  • Building Cycle Time: 54 days — nearly half the national average

Savvy Homes works with 40 total home plans to build homes ranging from 2,200 to 3,200 square feet, with prices from $200,000 to just over $400,000.

From excavation to roofing, 100% of Savvy Homes’ trade work is subbed out, allowing them to maintain a lean staff of just 50 people. Staff includes 13 superintendents, each of whom manages around 30 starts at any one time in up to three neighborhoods simultaneously.

Building Semi-Custom Homes at Production Speeds

Savvy Homes has mastered its process, building each of its homes in 54 working days close to half the national average.

Founding partners George Aiken, an engineer, and Darell Daigre, a marketing professional, adjusted to changing dynamics in the market by positioning themselves as a semi-custom homebuilder that offers options.

Beyond multiple tile and fixture types, Savvy Homes optimized its sales and options-selection processes to offer greater selection and more accurate estimating in less time.

Savvy Homes has mastered its process, building each of its homes in 54 working days close to half the national average.

Switching From Sticks to Roof Trusses: The Critical Step

Savvy Homes’ most dramatic cost-saving effort to date? Switching from stick-framed roofs to roof trusses.

Trusses offer dramatic flexibility in custom design and allow for structural changes up until construction.

"With trusses, building the roof is more like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, because the engineering has already been done off-site by the component manufacturer," says Aiken.

"Just with what we are saving in roof framing time, we are able to cut our overall framing time by 50%. And we are also running smaller crews above the sill. They are spending less time above ground – lowering our risk – and we've eliminated two cut guys down low, which you need when you're stick framing. Also, we don't have material hanging around the jobsite, lowering our damage and theft. Trusses get delivered, and we set them right away."

Make the switch from sticks. Learn how pre-fabricated roof trusses could transform your next project.

Download the Savvy Homes Success Story as a PDF.