Benefits: Control Material Costs

We don't need to tell you that VPOs (variance purchase orders) cost money. Sometimes, the pain of blowing through your budget on inaccurate estimates in the design or construction process is unbearable. But what if you could minimize these experiences by accurately estimating building costs, and meeting today's unforgiving margins with the help of a better building process?

SBCA, the only international organization for manufacturers of structural building components, did exactly this by testing the process by building two homes: one conventionally framed with sticks, the other with components.

  • In the end, they saved 13 fewer cubic yards of waste and were able to save $3,356 in overall framing costs.

With today's technology, predicting how much a project is going to cost doesn't have to be rocket science. By utilizing all of the features of SAPPHIREâ„¢, you can:

  • have fewer revisions and more accurate estimates
  • save on materials
  • predict your projects with more accuracy so you're not surprised at the end of a project

How much material do you leave behind on the jobsite? The average lot is littered with scrap lumber after the stick-framing process. When you use components, you're using a more precise amount of material whose costs are known to you well in advance.