Benefits: Eliminate Variance Purchase Orders

VPOs: they're a fact of life for many builders, but they don't have to be. Implement a better building process, and kick your VPO habit to the curb, maximizing profits in the meantime.

Just ask Accurate Housing Systems. Upgrading their design software to SAPPHIREâ„¢ helped this truss manufacturer eliminate and prevent errors in its designs. Citing fewer quantity errors, more accurate hip framing, and the ability to create fast, complex 3D designs, the new users are pleased with the overall boost it's given their business. But it's these benefits and the ability to collaborate with their customers that won them over most of all.

Now designs can be shared - and changed on a dime - and that capability gives them a leg up in their market.

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The key to avoiding VPOs is communication. Like any relationship, the building process coordinated between you and your component manufacturer works best when you remain in contact -- and you're speaking the same language. That's just what this better building process creates: a common language in which builders and CMs can create and share componentized structures, resolving potential problems before they appear on the jobsite.

When you build this way, one wrong load path or missed truss doesn't spell disaster because it's solved ahead of time. With the right truss design software, it will not cost you any money to revise your plans either. Working with your component manufacturer, you can trade files and fix the issue before it snowballs into a VPO. Not only does this add dollars back to your bottom line, it also speeds up the construction cycle, so you spend less time worrying about VPOs, and more time building houses.

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