Benefits: Reduce Cycle Time

Shorter construction time can increase your building capacity and improve your margins all at once.

A key place to capture speedier construction time is in the framing.

  • Designing structures with prefabricated components in SAPPHIREâ„¢ - featuring free collaborative software for suppliers and builders - creates efficiency.
  • It's as simple as that. With a streamlined workflow and fewer hands needed to get the job done, you can add volume like never before (without adding staff), and save money too.
  • In practical terms, a builder who builds 50 homes per year can expect to save almost $60,000 in onsite framing modifications, resolve problems before they get to the jobsite, and drive a significantly shorter cycle time.

Building more homes faster is dynamite to your bottom line.

Timber Technologies and Premier Truss and Lumber managed to do just that: reduce the amount of onsite time it takes to frame their clients' structures by half. Their building process, they say, gives them the manpower of three traditional framing crews.