Benefits: Reduce Design Time

The final design of a home can take a great deal of time. Codes, seismic loads, regional wind and snow loads are just some of the items that require custom modifications, even with a stock plan.  To accommodate custom options on any project, you must start with an accurate, and buildable, 'skeleton' of the structural framing.

A SAPPHIRE™ BIM can be created by your component manufacturer (CM) using SAPPHIRE Structure software. Even if your home plan and dimensions are only on 2D plans, your CM can create the 3D BIM that reveals gaps or inconsistencies in the structural framing, and make specific recommendations to improve your final product. By having precision framing locked in early, all other elevations, plans, and estimates can now be done with more accuracy because the house is now buildable.

Download SAPPHIRE Viewer, collaborate, and reduce your design time.