Building Information Modeling (BIM)

What is BIM?

A building Information Model (BIM) is a technology that provides a a new way of working for residential construction. BIM's combine 3-D digital models of structures with essential information necessary for project coordination, simulation and the optimization or design and construction. As a shared knowledge resource, BIM can serve as a reliable basis for decision-making during the design phase.  The data-rich BIM file serves as a singular, unified repository of information required for design, engineering, estimating, purchasing, and construction.

Benefits Of BIM

  • 3D BIM model provides a common platform of communication for architects, contractors, structural engineers and all the allied trades.
  • BIM provides data for material specifications, estimating, and construction sequencing and workflows.
  • BIM models are enriched with highly accurate data that can drive construction schedules during construction phase.
  • BIM integrated models are proven time- and cost-savers on jobs of all sizes.


With CAD you may have 2D or even 3D drawings, but you don't have the data required to truly collaborate with key stakeholders, share information, and make efficient buildable decisions about the structure within the BIM model.

BIM Resources & Article

What Do BIM Users Have to Say? Lots...

"We have home builder customers who looked at a BIM image in SAPPHIRE Viewer (a BIM tool) and stopped the truss-design process to modify a design when they didn't like what they saw," and Sean Kelly, of Accurate Housing Systems, an advanced truss and wall panel manufacturer. "The 3D images in SAPPHIRE Viewer are also great selling tool – one we use to sell our products and services against our competitors – because we often have a contractor customer who can't fully visualize what he's actually ordered. We show them their job in Viewer, they see exactly what they are ordering in 3D, and they in turn show it to their customers. Everyone can see the house in 3D, and Accurate ends up looking great. Of course, we also end up getting the job."