SAPPHIRE™ Viewer Mobile Experience

No need to be tied to just the desktop version, take SAPPHIRE Viewer on -site with you to save even more time while increasing accuracy.

SAPPHIRE™ Viewer for mobile devices shows your entire structure in full 3-D on your iPad, or iPhone. It also allows builders, architects and engineers to collaborate remotely to make sure your build is as efficient as possible.

Eliminate wasted labor and materials and lock in your bottom line with SAPPHIRE™ Software from MiTek. The only surprise is that there are no surprises.

SAPPHIRE™ Viewer Mobile Experience

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Features and Benefits

With MiTek SAPPHIRE™ Viewer ios App, you can receive 3D MiTek SAPPHIRE™ models via email and view them right from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Control what you see with visibility switches, and even take a virtual tour of your model in your office or compare to the real thing on-site. Using the placement tool you can choose which room to view and compare structural framing in 3D vs. reality.
  • Found a problem? Take a comparison picture of the actual field framed structure and a screenshot of the 3D BIM and email it to key stakeholders for review.
  • Quickly find and navigate to selected areas of the BIM with bookmarked views placed by your CM, which enable quick location and effective communication of issues and solutions.
  • Gain quick-access to printed plans with any AirPrint compatible printer.

For Full Access to measurement tools, status, approvals and notes regarding your structure, view your BIM on Desktop when you get back to the office.

In the office or in the field, SAPPHIRE keeps you connected.

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