How it Works

Collaboration between builders and their 'Truss Guys' (structural component manufacturers) can yield big bottom line benefits when done early and effectively.

A builder shares his 2D or 3D plan with the component manufacturer he will use for the home's construction. 

Using SAPPHIRE Structure software, the CM then creates a true 3D model of the structural framing for the home.  Working with the builder to make specific decisions, the CM then creates the final optimized 3D model that resolves any interferences or gaps in the structural alignment and framing of the home, accounts for the loads on the structure, and locks in an optimized framing package.

The builder can now confidently make adjustments to this and other line items before finalizing the contract with the homebuyer.

Learn more about Component Manufacturers and how they deliver precision structural framing options.

What You Get

  • Predictable Structural Framing
  • Predictable Material Costs
  • Lower On-Site Labor Costs
  • Few (if any) Structural Modifications
  • Fewer  'Surprise'  Change Orders
  • Less Theft (it's prefabricated!)
  • Faster Construction

How to Do it

  • Connect with your 'Truss Guy' (they're a lot more than that, too!)
  • Refine your home's structure to assure it's optimized and truly buildable
  • Lock in Your Framing Costs
  • Sign the contract with Your Homebuyer
  • Sleep Well.