Accurate Housing Systems

Accurate Housing Systems operates from a 65,000 square foot facility in East Troy, Wisconsin, providing components for some 1,300 single-family and multi-family projects in a given year. Seventy-five percent of the business is providing roof trusses.

The company recently modernized its truss design and manufacturing capabilities by switching from eFrame™ to MiTek's SAPPHIRE™ Structure. Design efficiencies and productivity gains included: 

  • Diminished quantity errors essentially eliminated with direct link to the engineering program

  • Improved overall efficiency and accuracy with automated hip framing features

  • Eliminated errors with collaborative 3D design capability during

  • Removed the need for an additional CAD program with standardized format

SAPPHIRE Viewer: Total Visibility

General Manager Sean Kelly explains: "For me, the number one reason for going over to SAPPHIRE Structure was to have access to SAPPHIRE Viewer.”

SAPPHIRE Viewer™ is a 3D software tool designed to allow builders, architects, and engineers to collaborate with component manufacturers on house designs using a shared model. Users can quickly review models, access bookmarked views, see elevation drawings, and isolate items like a particular level or layer.

For Accurate Housing Systems, SAPPHIRE Viewer helped prevent problems before components were manufactured.

"We have customers who looked at an image in Viewer, and stopped the process to modify a design when they didn't like what they saw," Kelly says. "Plus, the 3D images are a great selling tool, because we often have a contractor customer who can't fully visualize what he's actually ordered. They see in 3D exactly what they are ordering, and they in turn show it to their customers. Everyone can see the house in 3D, Accurate ends up looking great, and we also end up getting the job."

Accurate Housing - Sean Kelly

"For me, the number one reason for going over to SAPPHIRE Structure was to have access to SAPPHIRE Viewer." -- Sean Kelly, General Manager

Multiply Benefits by Pairing with MVP™

MiTek's complementary production management software, MVP™, allows Accurate Housing Systems to manage cost estimates, bidding, and the shop floor in real time.

"With MVP, I can tell how long it took to build a particular job. I can tell if we are making money or not making money on a job, and MVP gives me instant access to our production line. MVP provides all the production status I need."

Making the Switch to SAPPHIRE™

Before implementing SAPPHIRE, Accurate's component designers and estimators had been trained on eFrame. Design and Estimating Manager Justin Nagel managed the transition.

"Within two weeks, everyone was up to speed, or at least to where they were with eFrame. But there's lots more capability in SAPPHIRE over eFrame, and we've really expanded our knowledge since we changed."

Nagel and his team also like the universal layout template, which creates consistency across individual layouts and eliminates the need for a separate CAD program.

Accurate Housing - Justin Nagle

"I'm so glad we made the change to SAPPHIRE. I'd say to any CM that it's really worth it." -- Justin Nagle, Design and Estimating Manager

Download the Accurate Housing Systems Success Story as a PDF.