Blenker Building Systems

Blenker Building Systems offers pre-priced, whole-house solutions constructed through a 3D CAD-based, virtual-home-design process. To manufacture the components and assemble homes profitably, all of Blenker’s CAD design work is integrated into MiTek’s design and collaboration suite, SAPPHIRE™ Structure.

The advantages for builders are obvious: Builders save time with shorter start-to-finish construction cycle times, build greener with reduced waste, and increase profits and boost efficiency with precision-built panels constructed in a controlled environment.

For Blenker, the rewards are worth the investment. The time and money saved by adopting SAPPHIRE has helped Blenker expand its business — now marketing and manufacturing doors, windows, trim, millwork, siding, roofing products, hardware, and cabinetry.

“We carefully selected software that integrates the home design and component manufacturing ends of our business,” Jason Blenker says.  

In the wake of the recession in 2011, Blenker built houses and components equivalent to 400 starts around 1,000,000 square feet of finished space. The Company’s entire waste disposal bill that year was just $486.