Georgia Structural Components

Georgia Structural Components sells trusses through parent company Short and Paulk’s four locations and nine other lumberyards. In 2013, the company processed 857,500 board feet of lumber stock into floor and roof trusses with just six workers.

It uses SAPPHIRE Suite to manage work and optimize wood frames, and says the software is essential to bid work accurately and protect margins.

Effective integrated software is essential to Georgia Structural Components’ operations. “We depend on SAPPHIRE to manage all of this work at the design and production levels,” says VP of Manufacturing and Distribution Hal Hand.

The company also uses SAPPHIRE Viewer, MiTek’s free collaboration tool for 3D modeling, and MiTek’s MBA program to sync sales with production.

Making Sense of Plans - No Matter How They Arrive

“We get plans in all kinds of ways,” Hand says. “We get hand-drawn plans. People actually still phone in some orders. We get CAD files. We get emailed PDFs, and we still get rolled paper plans.”

“One of the great things about SAPPHIRE is that we can import PDFs of building plans, digitally picking up the perimeters and roof slopes. Since we are seeing fewer and fewer stock plans as houses go more custom, this capability is essential to our ability to bid the work accurately and protect our margins.”

Making the Most of MBA

“We also run MiTek’s MBA® to sync sales with production. It tracks orders and offers sophisticated reporting that gives me an overview of where we are as we balance orders with capacity and production.

But the best thing about MBA is that I can run reports that compare one customer to another. I can see what margins we are achieving with each dealer. We are heavily dependent on the program to manage and optimize our profitability. It’s key to our success.” 

Download the Georgia Structural Components Success Story as a PDF.