Shelter Systems

Shelter Systems focuses on manufacturing roof and floor trusses and distributing engineered wood products. The company consolidated around a complete transition to SAPPHIRE Structure to identify design issues up-front.

  • 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space

  • 11,000 square feet of office space

  • 8 acres of storage

  • 100,000-125,000 board feet of lumber per day

  • 135 employees

  • 12-20 truckloads of trusses shipped each day

  • Typical yearly volume: 800 single-family units and 5,000 multi-family units

“At Shelter, we always pride ourselves in being ahead of the technology,” Truss Technician Manager Tony Acampa says. “When we first saw SAPPHIRE Structure, we realized it was an important tool to master, and we wanted to set an example to the construction community and to the component community.”

“We have seen immediate benefits with SAPPHIRE. For one, there’s the SAPPHIRE Viewer. That’s been a big help to us when communicating with design professionals. When we send files to an architect, they can use our 3D BIM model to clearly see errors right along with us. We identify issues up front, early in the design process. The SAPPHIRE program allows you to see how it all fits together. And you can’t beat that.”

About SAPPHIRE Viewer:

SAPPHIRE Viewer is a free 3D software tool designed to allow builders, architects, and engineers to collaborate with component manufacturers on house designs using a shared model.

Download the Shelter Systems Success Story as a PDF.