Timber Technologies

Two companies collaborate on a build using 3D BIM modeling to avoid errors and create a code-compliant, fully optimized wood frame.
  • Timber Technologies framed and fabricated 1,000,000 square feet in 2014 with just one designer and 15 framers

  • Precision Truss & Lumber sells around $9 million in trusses annually, building in two shifts with 50 full-time workers

  • Timber Technologies and Precision Truss & Lumber both run SAPPHIRE Structure. Precision also runs MiTek MBA™ and MiTek MVP™

  • SAPPHIRE allows Timber Technologies to cut onsite framing time in half, in part because both companies collaborate on the same SAPPHIRE model in real time
Precision to the Nailhead

Timber Technologies, a wall panel designer and framing contractor, and Precision Truss & Lumber, makers of the roof trusses and floor trusses, had to design a 141,753-square-foot wood-framed building. The objective was to create an error-free, code-compliant optimized wood frame. The two companies needed to collaborate during the design and construction phases to avoid misalignments and errors.

Precision and Timber Technologies avoided errors by collaborating on a single SAPPHIRE™ Structure 3D BIM model. Precision’s trusses were digitally overlaid on the Timber Technologies’ wall model, and errors were worked out in the digital design, before fabrication of the panels and trusses. The result? Error-free, code-compliant optimized wood frames, put up in nearly half the time as a similar stick-framed structure.

“Even though Precision Truss designs floors and roofs, and Timber Technologies designs walls, we work from the same building model, so the precision is outstanding” says Timber Technologies’ Ken Pappadis. “The key is to know where the actual framing of a wall stops,” said Precision Truss' Tom Martin. “SAPPHIRE offers that level of precision, right down to the nailhead.”

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