Truss Tech

Truss Tech has been manufacturing floor and roof trusses for the residential, commercial, and agricultural markets on Virginia’s Eastern Shore since 1997. The company specializes in custom residential design.

  • 9-acre facility
  • Staff: 29
  • Volume: 2 million board feet of truss stock annually
  • Average job value: $5,000
Truss Tech is a long-time user of MiTek’s SAPPHIRE™ Suite and MBA®, MiTek’s business management program.

The company typically receives house plans as PDFs via email, and uses SAPPHIRE Suite to scan the plans directly into its systems and quickly eliminate design flaws.

“It essentially offers us a dashboard, which enables us to be very responsive, especially when someone calls in with a last-minute change. Whatever a customer wants done, right up until the stock is cut and laid out on the table, we can accommodate them,” saysTKTK Tom HIll Jr.

Simplifying Complex— and Custom — Designs

“We really wow customers now with the integrated 3D modeling. We just got our first salesman on the iPad SAPPHIRE Viewer tool, which holds enormous opportunity for us. He can show everyone the load path from the foundation to the roof, and see the load transfers and the entire design. That boosts customer confidence to remarkable levels.”